About us

Based in the North of England, Best Tablet Company saw a gap in the market for High Quality Tablet PCs, Gadgets and Accessories that firstly don’t break the bank in order to get one and secondly give you the same experience and feel of the more expensive brands on the high street at a fraction of the costs.

Apple’s Steve Jobs and his British designer, Sir Jonathan Ive saw the world stop with their jaw dropping launch of the iPad in 2010. If you venture on to a high street store today to buy a tablet PC, the salesman will no doubt offer you an iPad. Apple certainly raised the bar with the launch of this product but more and more people are embracing the more user friendly and more popular Google powered operating system of ANDROID.

Here at the Best Tablet Company our aim is to provide you the customer with all the expertise and knowledge we have gained with over 20 years in the computing industry and offer you the Best Quality, Best Products at the Best prices.

Our Tablet PC s run on the Android OS as used by Samsung and many other high end brands . This give you the access to thousands of Apps many of them free in the pre-installed App Google Play Store. Here at the Best Tablet Company we believe the Android System is here to stay and is going to out pace the more expensive Apple products and system.
Whatever you want to use your tablet for; whether it be surfing the web, games , email, file uploading, file transferring  or watching TV , we think you’ll really appreciate your purchase.

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